Concert review: Super8 & Tab

April 23, 2013

When attending an electronic music show at the Guvernment, you know you’re likely going to have a great time. Because the venue always goes the full nine yards to ensure that the show is more than just a concert—that it’s an enhanced experience uniting lights with sounds and atmospheric novelties to create an unforgettable night. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday, April 20, when Super8 & Tab were on the decks and the dance floor was bombarded with smoke and waves upon waves of cold wind, creating the quintessential trance experience as the people in attendance spread their wings and were taken on a trip soaring the clouds.

But what would an enhanced environment be without the music? And that’s where the world-famous trance duo come in, dropping banger after banger in their mix, increasing the tempo as they went along—and along with it, the energy on the dance floor.

If you were expecting a purely uplifting trance experience, however, you would have been disappointed. Because while the duo played some emotional, melodic tracks, they also mixed in the new with the old, dropping tunes with bass-heavy breakdowns—such as Above & Beyond’s new single, “Walter White”—that have come to represent the more mainstream path of electronic dance music.

As the night progressed, the Finnish duo changed the sound, mixing in more emotional, classic trance tunes—as if telling their fans that even though they took a different direction in recent years, they did not forget their roots. And everyone in attendance was very receptive of this return to old times, filling the entire hall with their harmonized voices as they sang along to the heart-felt lyrics of Super8 & Tab’s own remix of “Amsterdam” and raised their arms to the echoing melody that took everyone higher and higher as it resonated around the room, accompanied by the strobe lights that completed the experience of pure ecstasy.