Upcoming event: STRFKR at the Opera House

September 15, 2013

Indie electronica act STRFKR will be performing live in Toronto at the Opera House, on September 14th.

If you don’t know STRFKR, you’re missing out on an eccentric group that is more than a band, but is a full-on spectacle that always stuns its audience with its music and live performances.

Formed in Portland, Oregon by Joshua Hodges, STRFKR (pronounced “Starfucker,” if you were wondering—a name that has kept the band out of the TV and radio, making its success even more remarkable) is known for its members’ use of catchy and accessible dance hooks, alongside, paradoxically, deep, philosophical topics in their songs, such as the inclusion of excerpts of speeches by Alan Watts in the album “Reptilians.” In the tune “Mystery Cloud,” for example, after capturing the listeners with a synth line that they can do nothing but dance to, the band samples Watts talking about death. And this idiosyncratic approach to making music that is simultaneously accessible and experimental is one of the many things that makes STRFKR a stand-out band.

In concerts, the band is known for dressing up in extravagant costumes and putting on odd, out-of-this-world performances, by not only using artistic, multicoloured visuals to accompany the dynamic music. They also swap instruments and go into all-out frenzies, filling the venue with energy and getting everyone to dance like it was the last day of their lives.

This is another show that is not to be missed, so make sure to buy your ticket now.