Adam Lester – La Terraza 2012

Pulsar Recordings

The 2012 re-release of Adam Lester’s “La Terraza” comes with two remixes accompanying the original version, each take giving a different experience of this springtime tune.

The slow and steady bongo-like drumbeats in the original mix ground the song with a groovy rhythm that is guaranteed to get your body moving as the hypnotic synth and atmospheric pads relax and free your mind. The soft piano melody, along with the echoing, choral vocals and tweeting of the birds, give this track its distinct zest, filling it with a sense of revitalization.

The D&Z remix has a more classic trance sound, replacing the beats in the original track with a punchier four-on-the-floor kick drum and adding power to the synth. The speaking vocals in this version give the illusion of being on a guided intergalactic trip.

The second remix, by Ikerya Project, has a more pumping, energetic sound, making it a distinctly uplifting tune. The melody in this version is more vibrant and emotional, and is accompanied by chopped samples that further distinguish this track from the rest.