Aeden – Fragile Flame

Pulsar Recordings

“Fragile Flame” by Aeden, the newest release on Pulsar Recordings, is a melodic track that takes its listeners on an unforgettable emotional journey.

The original mix of this tune starts off dark and powerful, with a pumping kick drum and an energetic bassline, leaving its audience unaware of what is to come. But as the breakdown arrives, the song turns more heavenly, with a melody that surrounds and embraces the listeners, taking control of their minds and lifting their emotions.

The Ascania remix turns the volume up on the higher frequencies, making it even more emotional. In this version, the melody comes in gradually from below the bassline, tensing the listeners in anticipation before reaching the breakdown.

The New World remix gives this song a more classical uplifting trance sound, with a thick texture, heavy bassline, and an understated piano melody. The breakdown in this version is more melancholic, hitting the deepest corners of the listeners’ hearts before the kick liberates their minds and takes over their bodies.