Bart Panco – Cumulus EP

Pulsar Recordings

Following the release of his first single, “Rising Sun,” Bart Panco returns to Pulsar Recordings with a three-track EP that will take its listeners to a serene summer paradise far from the worries and routines of everyday life.

“Cumulus,” the title track, greets the listeners with the sound of tweeting birds, setting the stage for this heavenly release. Shortly after, the slow and dreamy piano melody takes the lead, holding the listeners by the hand and walking with them along the beach. This is accompanied by the chilled out synth that rises from below, like a tide slowly rising and reaching the shore.

With the second track, “Night” sets in. In this tune, the stars appear, twinkling in the sky, accompanied by an equally bright and shining melody that draws a picture of an open, summertime night sky.

Finally, “Fairy Tale,” a track characterized by dark, echoing, choral and orchestral sounds, providing the background for a flute that sings an airy melody. The slow melody builds up from a heavy-hearted feeling to a much brighter sensation, and leaves the listeners on an easy note, like an arrival at a longed-for destination. A perfect ending to this short but beautiful trip.