CD review: Anjunadeep 05

July 26, 2013

Mixed by Jody Wisternoff and James Grant, Anjunadeep 05 is an album packed with warm, deep house tunes that are perfect for the summer.

The album starts off with Croquet Club’s “Cardigan,” a bright tune featuring an uplifting piano melody that sets the mood for the rest of the tunes.

The mix slowly gains energy as it seamlessly moves towards “Let Go,” by Vincenzo & Aram, with its groovy bassline and rising and falling melody that works its way towards a calm drop, and into the next track, and the next, from Andrew Bayer’s & James Grant’s “Living,” to Beckwith’s “Back To Love,” to Universal Solution’s “Yukon” and “Osheen,” and many other calm tunes.

Disc two continues the journey where disc one left off, beginning on an upbeat note, with Wisternoff’s own remix of “Ich Lass’ Dich Nicht Zurück,” featuring a soft, jazzy melody, accompanied by equally soft vocals.

The disc also includes Alfred Taylor’s “Kuza,” Matt Lange’s “Only You,” Wisternoff’s slower, house remix of Above & Beyond’s hit “Alchemy,” Meramek’s “Feeling,” along with other tunes that will no doubt put the listeners at ease, whether enjoying them on the beach or with a few drinks on a patio.