About Me

photo-me1Why learn English with me?

I’m a CELTA-certified English teacher (CELTA is a certificate in English-language teaching issued by the University of Cambridge). I’m a native English speaker, having attended an international British school from kindergarten all the way to Year 13.  I also lived in Canada for ten years, where I got a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, followed by a postgraduate certificate in Publishing (with a focus on grammar and editing), and where I also worked as a writer and an editor.

Learning English with me would mean learning it with a teacher who’s passionate about the language, who’s been dedicated to the English language from the beginnings of his career.

Additionally, being bilingual gives me an awareness of the differences between languages that students struggle with, an awareness that the CELTA program has strengthened.

I have experience teaching students of varying levels, and my lessons are always both fun and educational, as I strongly believe that teaching students by providing them with content that interests them would keep the students interested and motivated.

Whether you’re looking for help with your English schoolwork, or you’re looking to learn English for your own benefit, I will personalize my lessons to meet your needs!